FirstView provides consulting services across the product life cycle – PoC, prototype, Hardware and Software development

Design House / ODM

We provide complete design solutions spanning PoC, Hardware design, Software architecture, Product design and validation.

Application Development

We develop cross platform applications for multiple industry segments namely Automotive, Healthcare, IoT and connected Devices.

From Concept to Product

With the convergence of multiple technologies and ever evolving hardware, we understand that complex product solutions today require multiple software and hardware components.  These could add substantial risk to schedules, costs and resources when companies / OEM’s attempt to piece together the parts across multiple outsourced suppliers. At Firstview, We provide our customers with one-stop shopping to bring all the elements together for a successful prototype and there after a production product.

Solutions across Verticals                     

FirstView offers a unique combination of comprehensive services.

We have successfully delivered solutions across various domains such as connectivity, multimedia, smart car, smart home, smart energy and Wellness products.

We’ve a range of customers from a large Automotive OEM to a small research firm trying to translate their concept to product. Our best in class quality processes are designed to ensure the high customer satisfaction, and our detailed change management processes help achieve maximum efficiency and productivity


Business Alignment Through Independent Modules

FirstView can expand off-the-shelf devices or modules to complete a customer-defined solution.


FirstView can quickly build specifically skilled teams to complete entire turn-key projects.
Flexible and collaborative approach to achieve agility

Speed to Market

FirstVeiw teams often work in parallel with off-the-shelf IP to reduce risk and save time