We are embedded systems experts specialized in rapid prototyping, system architecture and software solutions.

We work with brilliant people at great companies to build smart products.



Designed and developed complete stack from device drivers to Android App for an Automotive grade In Vehicle Infotainment system with CAN bus and OTA

Delivered platform for state of the art heads-up display


Built Graphic intensive Custom HMI and proprietary OS from ground up for an Cockpit Console Unit.

Provided video pipeline support and enhanced graphic performance with OpenGL and OpenVG modifications


Wide experience in range of products be it, remote control, boiler control system, surveillance, monitoring devices with sensors and so on.

Delivered platform for consumer and IoT products


Delivered solutions for diagnostic devices like Glucometer and so on.

Expertise in various Wellness products which are connected devices (IoT)

Adherence to stringent regulations and processes of healthcare domain


FirstView can scope and lead turn-key production or augment your team for targeted modules. Our capabilities within embedded systems run the entire spectrum, from high-level planning and system architecture to specific hardware and software duties.


  FPGA Design

FirstView is a vendor neutral Advanced FPGA Design Center. Our work ranges from simple glue logic to the highly complex System on a Chip (SOC) design.


PCB Design

Expertise in high speed design and multi layer PCBs. We have tie up with renowned contract manufacturers.


Firmware Design

FirstView has proven skills and decades of experience in BSP, firmware and embedded software development for a variety of platforms from defining specification, to designing and implementation.


Application development

FirstView can develop carrier boards and provide complete software solution.


FirstView provides end to end solutions for complete product development with our expertise across the entire spectrum from high-level planning and system architecture to specific hardware and software solutions.



FirstView provides consulting services across the product life cycle – PoC, prototype, Software and Hardware development.


Design House / ODM

We provide complete design solutions spanning PoC, Hardware design, Software architecture, Product design and validation.


Application Development

We develop cross platform applications for multiple industry segments namely Automotive, Healthcare, IoT and connected Devices.